Graphic: International programs masthead.

Apply to External Study Abroad Programs

Washburn Law allows students to transfer up to six credits back from ABA-accredited study abroad programs hosted by another law school. In addition to our internal programs in Barbados, Osaka, and Maastricht, we have pre-approved partner programs in Cape Town, Granada, The Hague, and Nuremberg/The Hague. Students eager to study in a different program may apply for approval of transfer credits and for Washburn University International Programs scholarships.

If you would like to study abroad in any external program, whether hosted by a partner or another ABA law school, you must complete the following internal application process in addition to whatever process is required by the host school.

The following timetable and application process applies to summer and fall semester study abroad programs. If you are applying to a spring semester abroad program, contact the Director of International Programs to ask whether you can wait until October of the previous year to begin your application process.

February 1

  • Apply in advance for tentative approval to transfer visiting credit to Washburn Law. First, review the visiting credit policy. Then submit a hard copy of the application form to the mailboxes of the Director of International Legal Programs and Chair of the Curriculum Committee. Attach a copy of the academics page from your program's website. While our partner programs' academic offerings are pre-approved, please nevertheless complete the form as the first step toward transferring your credits back to Washburn.
  • If you do not already have a valid U.S. passport, begin the passport application process as soon as possible.
  • Ensure you understand and have calendared the separate application process to your external, host law school. Coordinate with the host law school's program director if you have questions about travel arrangements, housing, etc.

February 15

March 1

March 15

Once your application is approved, it is time to consider whether you wish to apply for financial aid. If you are using financial aid to help fund your study abroad, contact the Washburn University Financial Aid Office to request a financial aid counseling appointment.

  • You must take the estimated student budget from your program's website to your meeting. If you cannot find it, contact the program administrator at the host law school. You may already have sufficient award funds remaining from the previous semester, or may need to begin a summer financial aid application. If you received (and used) an overly high award the previous term, please be aware that federal regulations may require your summer funding to be reduced by the amount of the previous overage.
  • Please be aware that awards may not arrive until your summer program has already begun; federal regulations require submission of spring grades. Ask your financial aid counselor about timelines. If, after receiving counseling, you are concerned that the timing may prevent your ability to study abroad, please contact the Director of International Legal Programs for further counseling.
  • Assuming your aid application is granted, Washburn University will form a "financial aid consortium agreement" with your program's host law school to facilitate transfer of tuition and fees.

April 1

  • If you have not already done so, April 1 is the deadline to complete any forms required in our law school admissions office to allow J.D. program scholarships to be applied to summer studies. See instructions for February 15, above.