Photograph: View of ocean from Barbados.

Transportation and Travel

Photograph: Students from the Washburn Law summer study abroad program on a land rover preparing for a field trip.

Students attending Washburn Law's Summer Study Abroad Program are expected to make their own arrangements for travel to and from Barbados. Washburn does not assume any responsibility for this transportation.

Students are advised to check flight times carefully because a number of airlines have flights to and from Barbados that require an overnight stay in the city of the connecting flight.

Students should take a taxi from the airport to the Cave Hill Campus, Frank Worrell Hall. The taxi fare will be approximately $60-$80.

Passports are required for travel to Barbados and are the responsibility of each student. Early application is recommended. Contact the nearest State Department Office or Post Office for further information. See also the U.S. Department of State, Bureau of Consular Affairs website. A visa is not required for traveling to the Barbados but may be necessary for travel to some other countries.

The U.S. Embassy in Barbados is located in Wildey Business Park, Wildey, St. Michael BB. The Consular Section assists American citizens in Barbados. The U.S. State Department maintains an information page for U.S. citizens traveling to Barbados.

Photograph: Christopher Valentino.
"I enrolled in the Barbados Program because I wanted to experience Caribbean culture and learn about the Parliamentary System. My experience in Barbados left me with an impression that will last a lifetime. The Bajans are extremely friendly and the beaches are breathtaking. I strongly recommend every student consider this program for the diverse cultural and legal perspectives you will experience over the course of study." - Christopher Valentino, Washburn Law Student